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Allows one to download Standard RINEX Files
Creates none Standard RINEX Files (Reference Data Shop)
Provides information on the current tracking conditions in the network (Sensor Map)
Provides information on current atmospheric and ephemeris errors in the network.

Contact Details: Tel: 021 658 4363 and e-mail: trignet@drdlr.gov.za
Real-Time (NTRIP) IP Port 2101. Use your username and password to connect
To download data files for Post Processing by using ftp://ftp.trignet.co.za

TrigNet is a network of permanent continuously operating GNSS base stations distributed throughout South Africa at approximately 100km to 300km spacing. (See Sensor map).All stations record 1 second epoch data on both GPS frequencies (L1 and L2) via geodetic standard choke ring antennas.
Data from all stations is continuously streamed to the TrigNet control centre in the office of the Chief Directorate: National Geospatial Information from where it is made available in RINEX (Receiver INdependent EXchange) format.

The following Real Time services are available
Single base RTK in RTCM V3.1 format from all stations
Network RTK solution (VRS) in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal
All data downloaded from this site is FREE OF CHARGE.

STANDARD RINEX PRODUCTS (Download via FTP - ftp://ftp.trignet.co.za )
Daily Files: L1L2 1sec, L1 5sec and L1L2 30sec: Available for all stations 1 day after observations
Hourly Files: L1L2 1sec, L1 5sec and L1L2 30sec: Available for all stations approximately 40 minutes after each hour.
All products use Universal Time as the time standard Note: Universal Time (UT) = South African Standard Time (SAST) - 2 hours

No guarantee can be given that all data will be available at all times. Occasionally equipment, power supplies, communication links, etc. fail and data cannot be retrieved in time or not at all. If the data you require is not available please contact TrigNet directly.

Users who require any product other than the Standard Products can make use of the "Reference Data Shop" option to create their required files.

Although all our products are free of charge, users need to register on this site to be able to use the real time services and to access the the Network Information data.Registration information will only be used for monitoring data volumes and what type of data is being downloaded.